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Proven Results

Business Meeting


Expert Guidance

We offer a tailored organizational ‘Health Check’ assessment that identifies and exposes organizational strengths and alerts leaders to possible gaps and challenges.  

  • We collaborate with leaders to design tailored needs assessments.   

  • We analyze data and offer the organization a written report that includes our findings and recommendations.

Business Meeting


Grow Your Business

Whether setting up a new business or undertaking a service redesign, it will require the entire organization to be unified and aligned (its people and systems) to the desired vision. ATA Consultancy recognizes that service improvements' quality, consistency, and reliability depend upon management's abilities to integrate and sustain the desired change. Our innovative approach assists organizations in effectively undertaking all change efforts with purpose, clarity, and confidence.

Drawing from decades of experience, our team has the tools and expertise to take your business to the next level. At ATA Consultancy, we have combined our insights and skills to transform a company's existing processes and strategies and improve its structural integrity.



Achieve Your Goals

Change often brings confusion, a lack of direction, and the propensity to revert to traditional approaches. To help companies avoid these pitfalls, we deliver the following services:

  • Staff training

  • Leadership 360 Qualitative Reviews followed up by a findings and recommendations report and a personal success plan

  • Coaching and mentoring leaders to embed and sustain the desired change  

  • Learning and Development sessions for staff and leaders

  • Tracking outcomes

In a Meeting

How we deliver our services

  • Remote consulting and training sessions 

  • Remote and in-person Learning sessions

  • Executive-focused consulting sessions

  • In-person training sessions

  • One-on-one mentoring/coaching sessions

  • Webinars

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